Drywall Contracting & Installation

Soma Interiors is a full-service drywall contractor. We’ve been proudly providing professional high-quality drywall services throughout the Vancouver, Burnaby Lower Mainland for more than 10 years. We specialize in wall and ceiling systems for commercial spaces, excelling in all areas of installations including steel stud framing, T-Bar and Acoustical ceilings and soundproof drywall solutions. Be it plaster or wallboard, we customize our services to better serve the particular needs of our clients. We’re also renowned for completing each project with flawless finishes, from minimalist warehouse grades to retro-inspired textures to ultra-modern, high-end Level 5 drywall finishes. Whatever the design calls for, Soma will bring your vision to life with perfected partitions and superior interior surfaces. 

Soma’s Areas of Expertise

  • Drywall installation
  • Drywall finishing: from basic warehouse grade to level 5 finishes
  • Drywall reveals, custom curves and high-end details
  • Concealed drywall access panels for clean lines and finishes
  • Drywall solutions for soundproofing
  • Drywall solutions for exterior applications
  • Drywall solutions for fire rated walls and separations


Our drywall professionals come with years of experience and an eye for detail. We have the flexibility and skills to work alongside other contractors and onsite collaborators. But as long-time, trusted drywall contractors in Vancouver, we also have the project management expertise and local resources to oversee a drywall installation from beginning to end for both local and remote clients. Above all else, we understand that the art of drywall installation and drywall finishing can take many years to master. That’s why at Soma Interiors, we only work with best local tradespeople to ensure the best results for our clients. Better builders mean better results for our clients. 

Acoustical Ceilings

At Soma, we understand how important sound conditions are when it comes to creating just the right ambiance for your retail space. Ceilings, of course, play a key role in how a room reflects, absorbs and transmits sound. Our team of wall and ceiling systems experts are masters at installing high performance ceilings systems that minimizes noise and echoes.

Fortified with years of experience and an appreciation for good design, we always honour our client’s vision by seamlessly accommodating existing obstructions such as ductwork and plumbing lines. If the project is a new build that requires new electrical and HVAC systems, our tradespeople expertly collaborate with other building professionals to ensure renovation synergy. Either way, when Soma is on the case, you are guaranteed to have an acoustic ceiling system that looks and sounds great. 

Steel Stud Framing

Compared to other building materials, steel boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio. Steel also doesn’t rot, warp or crack, making it the ideal framing material for your next drywalling project. But subpar steel stud framing could compromise the integrity of your wall & ceiling systems. That’s where Soma comes in. We provide the backbone needed for successful drywall installations. 

Master Tradespeople

Our expert team is highly skilled and experienced in carrying out every aspect of the steel stud framing process with laser sharp accuracy. This ensures the most structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing drywall installations possible. From custom cut tracks to securely fastened studs to solidly anchored brackets, attention is paid to every detail with impeccable workmanship. Consequently, every Soma steel stud frame is perfectly level, straight and ready for drywall installations.

Commercial Space Specializations

Whether it’s a “barrel” ceiling, cove ceiling, feature wall or just basic framing, all our work is accurate, plumb and square. That’s a commitment our clients can count on. Soma also specializes in the following areas of steel stud framing:

  • Commercial and residential light gauge interior steel stud framing for partition walls and suspended steel stud ceilings
  • Structural steel stud framing – load bearing and wind load applications for exterior framing and soffits
  • Steel Stud shaft liner systems for fire rated enclosures

Everything from maintenance to full retail shop builds, Kevin and his staff have provided quality, concise, professional service for our company.

Jackson SwiftProject ManagerLush Cosmetics

Kevin is a rare breed in the construction world and I would recommend him for any project.

Monique HarrisOwnerModo Yoga - East Vancouver

Why choose Soma for your drywall needs

  • We have a proven track record for project management, handling every aspect of wall & ceiling systems with exemplary professionalism and superior craftsmanship.
  • We work with the most skilled and passionate tradespeople in Vancouver, ready and willing to complete each project according to your design desires including Level 5 drywall finishes.
  • We are deadline-driven, so we’re always on time with every stage of the project including steel stud framing.
  • We save you money on drywall installation costs with efficient and experienced tradespeople who get the job done right and on time. 
  • As a preeminent general contractor in Vancouver, Soma has a deep understanding of local codes and best practices so we can take care of all the details. 

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